“Locked Out” is a wordless graphic novel based on the narrative “Locking Yourself Out and Then Trying To Get Back In” by Raymond Carver. It explores the slow paced narrativet through the use of repetitive frames, displaying the mundanity of being locked outside your home. The graphic novel also looks at temperate through the use of two colours: blue represents the outside cold whereas yellow represents the inside warmth. “Locked Out” is printed on textured watercolour paper to emphasize the soft quality of the pencil lines, as well as tying in with the character getting wet from the rain. It also comes with a protective lasercut sleeve as the paper is delicate, which is in the form of a window. This allows the audience to interact with the comic and slide the window up, as if they are letting the character back inside.
Walk cycle created showing my character in the wordless comic "Locked Out" wandering round the neighbourhood in search for a way to get back in his home.
Window installation inspired by my wordless comic "Locked Out'" allowing the audience to interact with the feeling of being outside a window looking in.
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